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My Fellow Americans

What you just heard from the President of the United States was pure fiction.  In non-technical language: he is lying.  Even more incredulous is I was able to write this portion of the speech prior to hearing the President’s words because the odds (based on statistics) of his lying were 100:1.  

Here are a few facts:

First, and most important, eight-hundred thousand civil servants will not receive payment by weeks end if the shutdown continues.    Remarkably, many of these American citizens continue to work knowing they may not be paid.  These people still have rent and mortgages to pay and require food and water for sustenance.  Imagine going to work and your employer tells you there is no paycheck.  Imagine your employer telling you one person is influencing your ability to feed your children. How would this make you feel?

According to the Department of Customs and Border Protection, only six people detained at the southern border were on the security watch list. These six people were non-US citizens.  The majority of people on the security watch list attempted to enter the US via airports.    The President is holding our fellow citizen’s salaries hostage because he is concerned about six people.  This is irresponsible.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security, has successfully warded off terrorists attempting to enter through our airports.  A result of the shutdown, agents are calling “out sick” in lieu of pending loss of paychecks.  This is where there is a true potential for crisis.

This means, by the end of this week, eligible citizens will not receive food stamps or SNAP.  The national parks in your area are, (or will be) closed. This decreases your areas tourism revenue.  If attempting to obtain a home loan or housing through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the shutdown will have impact.

This shutdown began under a one-party government led by the current president who publically took complete responsibility for it.   This president also rejected a bipartisan bill approved by both houses of the legislative branch of government.  The current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has the power to recommend overriding a presidential veto.  Sen. McConnell and his supporters are intentionally deferring to the President and failing to perform the duties of the legislative branch.  The legislative branch consists of officials elected to represent the people of the United States.  Sen. McConnell seems to have forgotten the needs of the people outweigh the ego of one man. This may be the most reprehensible thing of all.

In November 2018, the American people used their rights (your rights) as citizens to vote.  Your vote broadened the demographics of our Legislative Branch of government.  We have more women in the House of Representatives than ever before.  You elected the first Native Americans, members of the LGBTQ community and Muslims to serve your communities.   These legislative members, sworn in last week with all of your hopes uplifting them, inherited a shutdown that should not have happened.  This shutdown is the result of one man’s broken promise.  The President promised the American people that Mexico would pay for the proposed wall.  Instead, he turns to us, the American taxpayer to do it.  Where do you think the 5.6 Billion dollars he proposes comes from?  It comes from YOU.  It comes from your Social Security and Health Care.  It comes from our sons and daughters in the military.  It comes from our children’s education and property tax.  Ask yourselves, where is the 5.6 billion dollars coming from?

Speaking for the Democrats today let me ensure you that we support border security.  We have shown by signing a bipartisan bill that we were willing to review the President’s requests.  The funds previously given to the President remain unused so we cannot understand the rush to provide more money.  Is this the Presidents way of confirming Mexico will not pay for the wall and that the American people are responsible?

Eight-hundred thousand American citizens are in a potential state of emergency. You have the ability to support them.  Reach out to your representative today and make them tell Senator McConnell to forward that bill.  Call the White House and tell the President to sign that bill.  Speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party, I promise you we will do everything in our power to negotiate with this President and ensure that he keeps his promise to the American people to build his wall without American taxpayer dollars.  We want America to feel safe.  We want immigration reform.  First, however, we must think of the eight-hundred thousand civil servants, Republicans and Democrats who only wish to work and serve this country with honor.  Mr. President, the choice is yours.

Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.

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