The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back

Procrastination + Self-flagellation = Insanity

I mastered a new form of procrastination.  Start on a project which inspires starting another, which inspires another and so on and so on.  Next thing I know; I am overwhelmed and close to a mental shutdown.  Step one; acknowledging my insanity and breaking the cycle.  This website was (in my mind) the original project. The definition of project (as follows): proj·ect noun /ˈpräˌjekt/ An individual or collaborative enterprise that […]

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Mixtape – Keep It Movin’ (Graduation)

Around this time (every year), I contemplate going back to school.  I love learning. If I had discretionary income (along the lines of lottery winnings), I would be a professional student.  With that said, social media has made learning a lot easier. I was able to make the best  Lemon Blueberry Scones  (thanks to in celebration of the Royal Wedding, and “You Tube University” has reduced the repair costs […]

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Letter to the class of 2018 from a Gen-Xer

I want to begin this letter by congratulating you on making it this far.  To your parents, who are most likely members of my Generation X tribe, I say well done.  I hope that your offspring picked degrees that will get them closer to their desire for independence (and you closer to that man/woman cave that you have always wanted). Members of the class of 2018, as you prepare to […]

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