The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back


We are the generation that gave Grunge and Hip-Hop a home.  The Gen-X years housed some of the greatest musicians and music of our time.  The Who’s My Generation was released in 1965.  Although created by baby-boomers, to me it is an introduction for what is to come musically for the newly formed (birthed) Generation X.  In fact, late Baby Boomers such as Prince, Michael Jackson and Billy Idol (who […]

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Note: When I started putting this blog together, my first thought was no political commentary.  My goal is never to intentionally offend people.  Nevertheless, my opinions and beliefs shape who I am and how I write.  I promise I will be respectful of alternate opinions.  According to current data 14% of the US Senate falls under the Generation X category, with only 20% in the current House of Representatives.  In […]

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The Journey Begins

Let us start with the truth.  WordPress created the title of this post, the pithy quote and the sunset photo.  So far, totally worth the $8 a month.  This brings me to my second truth, I can be a little lazy.  Correction… I am a firm believer in the “smarter not harder” philosophy of life. I am 52 years old.  My student loans are paid and my husband and I […]

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