The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back

Mixtape interruptus…


Last week there was no mixtape.  The mixtape was my accountability tool; it ensured that I wrote at least once a week.  Last week I did not feel like writing. I also did not feel like counting Weight Watchers points, opting instead for a meal trifecta of Publix Hula Hula Macadamia Ice Cream.

There comes a point when your own self-hatred gets on your last nerve.  It has prevented me from being an active participant in life.  It has allowed people to make negative assumptions about my attitude.

Interpreted aloof or arrogant behavior is actually shyness.

Procrastination and laziness is actually fear of failure or (even worse) the fear of saying no.

Self-flagellation ends now…

I gave myself permission to take a break.   That is all.

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