The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back

Mixtape – Unrestful Peace and Broken Pieces

To go directly to the mixtape click here

The hamsters on the wheel in my mind kept me awake last night; this morning I am tired as hell. 

Sleep deprivation is the ultimate punishment to the body and mind.  Don’t do it. 

Before I began listening I asked him what the “theme” was (or, if he had one).  He said “olive branch”

I love the song choices he made and yet, I can’t listen to them right now. The music on this mixtape will only make the hamsters move faster and my mind is incapable of emotionally adapting to the speed.   

This is not how I wanted my first Mixtape post in months to go.  Perhaps this is how it needed to go for me to move forward.  In fact as I write this, I believe this Mixtape was not for me and my progress but for my husband’s. 

That is good enough for me.

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