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Mixtape – Unrestful Peace and Broken Pieces

To go directly to the mixtape click here The hamsters on the wheel in my mind kept me awake last night; this morning I am tired as hell.  Sleep deprivation is the ultimate punishment to the body and mind.  Don’t do it.  Before I began listening I asked him what the “theme” was (or, if he had one).  He said “olive branch” I love the song choices he made and […]

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Introducing Mixtape

I knew that I wanted to incorporate music somewhere on the site.  Music is a large part of my life, in fact, once I fancied myself to be a great singer.  Of course, after hearing myself, and looking at the pained faces of people who heard me I discovered I was delusional. While my girlfriends dated the athletes, I was into the band geeks and “wanna-be” D.J’s. The advantage to […]

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