The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back

Introducing Mixtape

I knew that I wanted to incorporate music somewhere on the site.  Music is a large part of my life, in fact, once I fancied myself to be a great singer.  Of course, after hearing myself, and looking at the pained faces of people who heard me I discovered I was delusional.

While my girlfriends dated the athletes, I was into the band geeks and “wanna-be” D.J’s. The advantage to knowing the “wanna-be” D.J. was the inevitable mixtape you would receive on any given occasion.

I married my “wanna-be” D.J.  Traditionally women provide their spouses with dowries.  Upon marrying, I inherited a vast vinyl and CD collection.  Upon moving into our house, my in-laws sent several boxes, which I assumed were house-warming gifts, only to discover they were boxes of his music.

It made sense that I would go to him and ask him to create a podcast for this site.  I gave him carte blanche on the content; after all, I trust my husband. He accepted the task. Shortly thereafter I wrote my Soundtracks post and waited.

This afternoon, he provided me with the inaugural podcast list  I was touched that it included songs I referenced in my post .  Then, I went to Mixcloud and discovered the name of the podcast was “Generation-X Lost or Found”.  I thought: Where did “or Found” come from?  As a wife I have these occasional episodes where I think my spouse does not listen. I told him that I wanted the podcast to tie in to the blog and have the same name.  Not wanting to seem ungrateful, and knowing my husband always means well,  I asked him how he came up with the podcast name.  He said it occurred to him as he was putting the podcast together that he was discovering music he had not heard in a while so it was “found”.

That was good enough for me… (Click here for the podcast)


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