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Five Thoughts, Seventeen Words and #NeverAgain.

Never again

I did not intend to write about this but the topic is so saturated in the media it is permeating my mind. I am reluctant to include tags because I am afraid of responses from assholes (which might come).  I will say this in advance.  If your comments are rude, I will not respond and I will block you (if possible). Disagree with me; fine, I can take it but show some intellect by explaining why you disagree.  Regarding the questions I pose, I really would like an answer because I admit I do not know everything…

  1. How does the N.R.A. maintain 501 (c) (3) status, which prohibits endorsing or denying a candidate for public office? The N.R.A. primary purpose is to promote guns and gun education. We should not blame them for doing their job exceptionally well. We who believe in responsible gun control should not look to an industry created to increase the gun population to act differently.   With that said, I do feel that their presence and funding does hamper constructive thought. I do not blame the N.R.A.  I blame the politicians who divest themselves from critical thinking and embrace extremism over alignment.


  1. Our schools are becoming similar to the prison industrial complex with the addition of metal detectors and armed guards.   In some schools, there are twenty to forty students per teacher in a classroom. It is not realistic to expect these teachers to become fundraisers, psychiatrists and now police officers to our children.  We need more teachers, para-professionals and guidance counselors in our schools.  The default response to violence should not be providing an inducement for more violence.


  1. Responsible gun control is a bi-partisan stance. I submit to those who consistently use the Second Amendment defense look up the definition of amendment.  Amendment does not constitute permanence.  It is an American virtue to consider changing the dynamics of this country.  The premise of the Bill of Rights was to assist in the creation of the “more perfect union” referenced in the Constitution.   The seventeen words that make up the Second Amendment through ignorant interpretation exclude people of color and enable the mentally incapacitated.  Can one obtain a “more perfect union” by being inflexible?


  1. Hold your politicians accountable. The most amazing thing happened at the CNN Town Hall last week.  Marco Rubio, face-to-face with his constituents was forced to understand what happens when you are an employer and your boss is not satisfied with your performance.  Rubio’s assuredness and stance deflated with three letters: B-O-O.    Politicians need to understand that a partisan mentality creates temporary success.  Our great political leaders understood the concept of “government of the people, by the people for the people…”not just one party.


  1. Read about Marjory Stoneman Douglas here. She does not deserve to have her name attached to a violent act.  I believe it is her spirit that motivates the student activism of the #NeverAgain movement.  I think she would be proud.


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