The Journey Begins

Let us start with the truth.  WordPress created the title of this post, the pithy quote and the sunset photo.  So far, totally worth the $8 a month.  This brings me to my second truth, I can be a little lazy.  Correction… I am a firm believer in the “smarter not harder” philosophy of life.

I am 52 years old.  My student loans are paid and my husband and I are thisclose to paying off the mortgage.  I have worked for the same company for over a decade and have worked my way up to a management role.  I have friends and family that I love and I am grateful for every day.  And yet.. there is an “and yet”.  What does this mean?  I am suddenly evaluating my life and realizing I want more and less.  For example: more time for fun, less time worrying.

Why is the name of my blog “The Search for Generation X” (

  • Because I thought it was a cool title (sometimes things are that simple).
  • Because I want to meet and spotlight other Gen-Xers that are fulfilling their role in the universe.
  • By meeting these people, I may get a clearer understanding of my role in the universe as a Gen-Xer.

So… If you are reading this and are a part of Generation X and want to tell your story contact me.

By the way, I am using 1965 through 1981 as my Gen-X range.  With that said, I am considering Barack Obama as the first Gen-X President of the United States.  A President that has Hip-Hop on his playlist gets a “youth pass”.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton




  1. Hello! I am a proud Gen Xer and still looking for my place in the universe. Right now I try to fulfill my gift of writing (often using my 80’s/90’s experience as a backdrop. Very happy to follow another one of generation 🙂


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