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Mixtape – Women’s History Month Edition (#1)


I am frustrated women (or any minority group) receive only 28 through 31 days of observance and acknowledgment.  However, until minority accomplishments become standard in the history curriculum, small crumbs will do.

Initially, when I asked Matcha021 (aka Hubby) to create this mixtape, I asked for I AM WOMAN by Helen Reddy to be included.  I assumed he would understand what kind of musical vibe I wanted for this mixtape by providing this song as a starting point.

The result only proves men (even spouses) will never truly understand a woman’s intention unless she specifically tells him.  Helen Reddy was out of place with the vibe of the music he selected so I asked him to remove it.

It further occurred to me that I was asking a man to create a musical aesthetic for Women’s History Month.   My husband does not believe in labels but I would classify him as a supporter of feminism.  I asked if he would allow me to create the playlist for next week: Translation: I give him the songs and he will create the format because he knows how and he will make it flow better- LOL!

I love the songs on this week’s playlist.  It only takes listening to the songs or, (even better) reading the lyrics to understand the vibe.

Time (and fiscal year end responsibilities) force me to be brief today. Enjoy and feel free to comment below.

P.S. – Don’t fret… Helen Reddy will be on next week’s mixtape!



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