The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back

We interrupt this Mixtape to bring you a few musings…

This week’s Mixtape continues with the final Women’s History Month podcast. Ironically, three men were on my mind this week…

Stephon Clark: Nikolas Cruz killed seventeen people with an AR-15 and is still alive. Dylann Roof killed nine people in a church and is still alive. Stephon Clark’s alleged crime was breaking and entering, which is a misdemeanor. Stephon Clark had a cellphone in his hand. He was presumed armed and executed. I recognize rookies are not taught at the police academy “shoot to maim”. In my opinion police (irrespective of their race) are conditioned to believe all black men are suspicious. The media exacerbates this by consistently demonizing non-white youth. I was listening to Sirius XM; a reporter was relaying the Stephon Clark story and she commented that the police were convinced that Clark was the neighborhood burglar. Fingerprints were not yet taken nor was he identified as the felon. At that point all we knew was he was dead in the back yard of his Grandmother’s house clutching a phone. Perhaps he was attempting to do what other young people due in times of crisis; seek help from social media. Neither his two children, nor we will ever know.


Mark Anthony Conditt: Here is what I know, via media, about Mark Anthony Conditt. He was a Christian who was home-schooled. He was polite to his neighbors and he went to college. He left college of his own accord because he wanted to find himself. He found himself planting six bombs throughout Austin, Texas, killing two people and injuring five more. Conditt’s family has been given the opportunity to distance themselves from his terrorism (through social media) by sending prayers for the victims and showing disbelief of Mark’s actions. He has been called a “serial bomber”.   Let’s not sugarcoat this. He is a TERRORIST. If there are any future comments from me on this matter, he will be identified as the “Austin Terrorist”.

Killer Mike: Insert long pause and sigh… Dear KM (I refuse to call a grown man Killer): You were exploited by the organization you endorse. Now you are remorseful. Are you that naïve or just plain stupid not to think the N.R.A. would use your words against you? I’m not mad at the N.R.A.; the corporate agenda has evolved into defecating on the First Amendment to protect the Second Amendment. They are ignoring their members, of which seventy-two percent support background checks (based on a 2015 Public Policy survey). Nationally, 97% of Americans support background checks. While you and “your boy” were using the term “woke” with disdain, you were in a coma. The N.R.A. may have conveniently turned you into a future episode of TV One Unsung.

In a week where “situation normal” is analogous to madness, these things also happened:

France had a hostage crisis; John Bolton became National Security Advisor; Transgendered people are being limited from serving in the military; Great Mills High School added their name to the school shootings roster…

March 24, 2018: Saturday was a beautiful, hopeful day.

This week’s Mixtape is dedicated to Yolanda Renee King, Emma Gonzales, and Naomi Wadler.


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