The Search for Generation X

The "middle child" strikes back

Mixtape – April 15, 2018


The hubby made this week’s Mixtape after I did our taxes.  The bad news… we owe.  The good news… we did not owe as much as we did last year.

Is this justification for Paul Ryan’s celebration tweet?  The secretary he spotlights can now pay for her Costco membership, but can she afford to actually shop there?  I love Costco, but I know that I cannot leave there without spending at least $100 on four items.  I wonder if the secretary is budgeting her Costco membership, can she afford to go to the snack aisle and buy the Kirkland Unsalted Cashews for $21.99.

I am keeping this brief because this is the time of year where the emphasis is on my left hemisphere of my brain.  Professionally, it is audit season and that is my primary focus (shout out to Deloitte Touche)

Next week… Am I ready to talk about Prince???





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