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Mixtape – Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee 2018 Edition

Today is the last day of the Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee, an event that memorializes the marches from Selma to Montgomery Alabama in 1965.  Historians state that the events of Bloody Sunday resulted in immediate action by President Lyndon Johnson to submit his voting rights bill, which signed into law five months later. Generation X was born into the civil rights movement.  Our generation benefited from Roe v. Wade (1973), […]

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Introducing Mixtape

I knew that I wanted to incorporate music somewhere on the site.  Music is a large part of my life, in fact, once I fancied myself to be a great singer.  Of course, after hearing myself, and looking at the pained faces of people who heard me I discovered I was delusional. While my girlfriends dated the athletes, I was into the band geeks and “wanna-be” D.J’s. The advantage to […]

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We are the generation that gave Grunge and Hip-Hop a home.  The Gen-X years housed some of the greatest musicians and music of our time.  The Who’s My Generation was released in 1965.  Although created by baby-boomers, to me it is an introduction for what is to come musically for the newly formed (birthed) Generation X.  In fact, late Baby Boomers such as Prince, Michael Jackson and Billy Idol (who […]

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Note: When I started putting this blog together, my first thought was no political commentary.  My goal is never to intentionally offend people.  Nevertheless, my opinions and beliefs shape who I am and how I write.  I promise I will be respectful of alternate opinions.  According to current data 14% of the US Senate falls under the Generation X category, with only 20% in the current House of Representatives.  In […]

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